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Storing and loading heavy equipment can be a very daunting task. For many companies who have been doing this for many years however, they have learned to rely on different equipment to help them deliver the job. One of the most popular equipments to use when storing long and unwieldy items is the cantilever racking systems.

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What are cantilever racks?

A cantilever is a beam anchored at only one end. The load is then held by the arm which is responsible for transferring the load to the supporting beam. A cantilever rack is something that is used in warehouse storages and makes transporting huge items a lot more convenient. It consists of a vertical column, the base, the arms, and a horizontal or cross bracing. These racks are most commonly found in lumber yards, plumbing and supply warehouses.

What are the benefits of using cantilever racks?

cantilever systems are most useful for storing long items or items that do not come in standard sizes. Some of the most common products that can be stored using this rack are the following

- plastic tubing

- steel pipes

- profiles

- wooden planks

- long furniture

- packs of timber

- steel trusses

- plasterboard

- PVC carpet

What makes this beneficial for warehouse owners is that these racks do not have front uprights that can get in the way of placing and retrieving items. It makes things a lot more convenient and it saves the workers from the hassle of having to deal with so many blockages as they load and unload items. This allows for improved safety for workers in the warehouse as well as improved efficiency in their productivity.

In addition to these, cantilever racking systems also lets warehouse owners maximize storage space thereby allowing them to increase load and improve business. Larger items can be stored off ground allowing owners to create more space and additional storage. By using cantilever racking warehouse owners will be able to organize items in such a way that makes it more accessible for workers to get to hard to reach items.

Types of cantilever racking systems

Companies who manufacture these racking systems have made their products versatile so that users can have them fully customized to meet their specific requirements. It is also available in both single and double-sided configurations. A double sided rack will provide maximum storage capacity on just a single column while a single sided rack is engineered to fit right smack against a wall.

If you are a warehouse owner and you are thinking of improving your business then you should consider investing in high quality cantilever racking systems. They will help your workers improve their productivity thereby helping you get more business as well. Most companies who supply this equipment will customize your racks and install additional arms, uprights and braces to fit your warehouse properly. While installing this rack can be quite costly it will be beneficial to you and your company in the long run.